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Total Raised: $37,925

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Team Red, White, & Blue

Every year, more than 250,000 active duty service members transition out of the military, joining the 3.5 million post-9/11 veterans already living in communities nationwide. They face many challenges including isolation, weight gain, lack of purpose, and mental health issues. Team Red, White & Blue utilizes fitness and community to help veterans overcome these hardships.


The Feat

On May 30th 2021, Alex Wisch will take on an unbelievable fitness feat to bring awareness to the mental health crisis that effects people of all backgrounds, including our nation’s veterans


Strict Pull-Ups





Within 10 Hours

Completed While Wearing a 20lb weighted vest symbolizing the weight of mental illness


Want To Get Involved?

Participate In Our

30-Day Fitness For Mental Health Challenge

Participate to Improve Physical & Mental Health

Daily fitness and mindfulness have been essential in Alex’s experience to overcome the challenges of depression and train for his enormous feat. We want to share this knowledge and help people in all areas of life begin their own journey towards mental wellness.

For this reason we created the 30-Day Fitness for Mental Health Challenge that takes place during the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Participants can choose from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite and Ultra-Elite fitness routines that anyone can complete in the comfort of their home with just their bodyweight. 

Each tier of the 30-day challenge includes pull-ups, push-ups, squats and a daily 5-minute practice of mindfulness. Repetitions for each exercise are performed every other day. 

Regular physical activity and mindfulness practices have been shown to improve anxiety and depression symptoms, along with reducing the risk for clinical depression.

Get ready for your 30-day challenge by donating as little as $1 and receive videos on how to regress and progress pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, along with tips to incorporate a 5-minute daily practice of mindfulness, and strategies to complete your challenge.


Repetitions for each exercise are performed every other day during May.

Donate & Receive Workout Videos on How to Modify The Movements!


10 Pull-Ups | 20 Push-Ups | 30 Squats


20 Pull-Ups | 40 Push-Ups | 60 Squats


50 Pull-Ups | 100 Push-Ups | 150 Squats


100 Pull-Ups | 200 Push-Ups | 300 Squats


100 Pull-Ups | 200 Push-Ups | 300 Squats
*Elite with 20lb vest

Alex Wisch

Founder of Wisch Fit, Peak Performance Coach, and survivor of Major Depression will speak out about the current mental health crisis through undertaking an unimaginable fitness feat.

His goal is to show the world how fitness, healthy habits and mindset are essential tools to prevent and overcome the challenges of mental illness.

In the article linked below, Alex takes a deep dive into his past to share how he overcame the debilitating challenges of major depression, fostered success, and devoted his career to helping others.

Alex's Story

Messages of Support

For me, physical exercise was the gateway out of mental illness. I admire what Alex is doing not only because it raises awareness but because it does so in the right direction. Physical activity is probably the most accessible, most powerful. and side-effect free anti-depressant. It can be the path to not just regaining your mind’s stability but to turning your mind into your super power.

Panos Papadiamantis$500.00

Way to go Alex. Very proud of you. Russell, Rob & Ben

Robert Comerford$103.20

All the best Alex

Tiffany Bartholomew$51.60

Very inspirational story. We are rooting for you, Alex! Count me in for the Intermediate Challenge! ✊

Mike Visconti$51.60

Awesome challenge and excited to support a great cause!

Jason Nochlin$258.00

Let’s go Alex! This is amazing, thanks for all you’re doing to support mental health

Zoe & Brendan Jablonski$51.60

Best of luck Alex!

Mike Pierce$103.20

Way to go Alex ! ! Thanks for all your efforts for this worthy cause. With love and respect. Scott, Terri, Sarah, Abigail and Nicholas Crofts

Scott Crofts$75.00

Good luck.

Andrew Baird$25.80

Good luck Alex!

Donna Stearns$500.00

Go Alex!

Gwen Zarnoch$50.00

Thank you, Alex, for doing this for veterans. Your CrossFit Southie community supports you and cheers you on! Best wishes on May 30th!

Sharon Sage$51.60

Unbelievable feat! Good luck!

Sarah Lukas$103.20

You're an inspiration, Alex. Thank you

Jessica Lau$51.60

I wrote to your parents to tell them how proud your old teacher from Upham is for your dedication and determination; so now I am telling you! I really admired your honesty, in the article in the Townsman; how you worked through your own depression and anxiety. You did it through a new mindset and fitness, and you were able to turn your life around ~ great to hear from a former teacher! Now you are helping others in a most significant way. I am giving this donation because I believe in you and always have. I will be away, so I cannot attend this event to raise money to improve the Mental Health of veterans. Good luck and have a great day!

Harriet Krupp$500.00

You are awesome! Super proud of you! X

Saskia De Badts€90.00

We are very proud of you Alex
Aunt Helen & Uncle Nat

Nathaniel Wisch$250.00

Thank you Alex for raising money for this cause, your openness about depression, and for the many hours of training for this incredible event. Good luck tomorrow!

Chris & Caroline Block$100.00

Go Alex! This donation is made by myself and Long Game Performance LLC.

Chi Bang$500.00

Best of luck on your challenge. It's a great cause. You got this.
Love, Jonathan and Maureen

Jonathan Wisch$103.20

Cheering you on Alex!!!

Chris Minidis$50.00

Great work Alex!

Tim Coleman$350.00

Great work Alex!!! Unbelievable

Mark Hartsell$350.00

Great job Alex!

Karen Eno$300.00

Thank you for all you do in supporting those suffering from mental health issues and supporting the Veterans of this country on this Memorial Day.

Elena Dredger$185.76

Go Alex!!

Leah Burkholder$25.80

From Bill and Sam

William Carey$50.00

Go get em!

Kelsey Beando$25.80

Using Fitness

To Improve Mental Health

Interviews with Alex Wisch and leading industry experts share personal stories about how fitness and mindfulness can improve mental health.


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